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Here's where you can leave feedback on how I play Opal Beifong from Legend of Korra.

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* Eisley, Kind
* Four Corners, Forever and For Always

Grow up and Blow Away is a beautiful fanmix as well. I didn't make this one but I did borrow the Eisley song from it. :)

grow up and blow away from sophelstien on 8tracks Radio.

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[These journals are a little different from the usual ones. It doesn't take much to figure them out though and Opal only had a few things she wants to ask. The journal is settled across from her - at the moment she's out in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Or just a bit from the farmlands near the edge of town actually, whichever.]

I know the schoolhouse is still here but is anyone working on a library as well? I don't imagine it could exactly be big here but it would still be nice to have a collection of books to enjoy.

Also construction seems to be going on really well in the buildings that haven't been finished. I can't help much with the actual building work but the farmers seem to be enjoying the efforts. Or the ones I've helped out anyhow. Has anyone else met the... bears? Can I call them that? I'm not sure what they are exactly but they're all very friendly.

[And she's off track. Okay, back to her point!]

So I was wondering how many of you are helping out with the farmlands, with construction or hunting. Is there anyone helping with supplies and such? We're here as a group so we might as well help one another out where we can, right? I've been busy at the farms and bringing food to those working on the buildings but I would love to help with other projects if I can.


[Action; Farmlands]
[Those who check on the farmlands often will note that typically there is a dark-haired teenager there. At the beginning of the month after they arrive, she'll chiefly be checking out the farmlands.

As the month goes on, one will find her continuously returning. She can be found helping out the native villagers of this time period, learning as she goes when it comes to planting and gathering as well. Sure she's never worked a farm but she's not part of the Earth Kingdom for nothing, right?]

[Action; Construction]
[While Opal really isn't the engineer sort - that's her elder brother's realm - and she knows little about construction, she can at least do her part here as well. Now and then she'll come by with food and drinks, at times with produce fresh from the farms themselves. She's almost always a little dusty or dirty from it but she's all smiles otherwise.]

[Action; Other]
[OOC: If you have something else you would like to do with Opal this month, let me know. She'll be camping out with the Avatar House for a while and after that she's likely to check up on various castmates or those she has CR with.]
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[To say things are getting a little disorienting is to put it mildly. For a week she felt perfectly at ease and at home with the state of things. She was a transfer student into a big college, she was busy and active. Things made thorough, complete and natural sense. Now she's left with some clothing she picked up during the whole ordeal and this stiff book that the moment she opens it --]


[Wait, wait, wait, don't drop it! Opal gives the screen of snow and static on the inside a wide-eyed look, then fumblingly manages to turn it off while likewise turning on the video portion of the journal.

There comes a big sigh of relief from the teenager as she manages to quiet the hissing. The book finds it's place in her lap.]

That's a relief.

[Now she has a chance to study the thing in peace, she seems to remember how it works. Enough to understand she's in video mode anyhow.

Have a sheepish little smile and a very small wave.]

... Hello. I didn't realize this was on... well, until now that is.


[Some things seem the same but some are completely different. With her journal clutched to her chest in the beginning, one can come across Opal wandering through Luceti with raised brows and a surprised expression.

By evening she's less surprised and simply more curious. She's checked out many of the buildings, decided on what they apparently are at this point, and has then moved on to other areas.

Eventually her wanderings take her to the library. She's always been an avid reader so one can expect her to effectively lose herself in the contents of the shelves for a bit, at least until she realizes how late it's becoming outside.]

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